BOARD @ NRF 2018

Discover how Decision-Making Platforms, Cognitive Technologies and Self-Service analytics are transforming Planning and Analytics processes in the Retail space.

BOARD, the #1 Decision-Making software for Retailers, allows planners, controllers and business line decision makers to unleash new intelligence from data and rapidly translate insights into effective and financially savvy merchandise, assortment and replenishment decisions.

Be a part of the revolution, discover BOARD

3 easy ways to get in touch

  • #1 BOOK a personalized Meeting: Bring your questions and challenges to our Retail specialists at booth #1158. Share with our passionate experts what improvements you'd like to see your company make!

  • #2 Attend our speaking session: See how retail transforms through tailored planning and analytics during our Tech Talk presentation. This session offers insight from iconic retailers, such as the Kering Group, that selected a decision-making platform to unify planning and analytics for its departments and brands. View a short BOARD demo to see strategic features needed for these custom projects.

"Bespoke planning and analytics, easier and faster than off-the-rack"
Date: January 15th at 3 PM ET @ Tech Talk Room 3, Level 1
• Walter Emma, Planning Solutions Manager, Kering Group
• Michael Talbott, Global Product Director, BOARD International

  • #3 Visit our booth: Meet us at booth #1158 to see a live demo or to have an interesting conversation about retail planning and analytics! And enter to win an iPhone X!

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